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Personal Sustainability Specialist.

Learn how to  function more effectively by understanding and working with our biological rhythms, rather than over-riding them.

Learn how to  integrate personal  ’renewable energy’ habits into daily life, for work and life success.

Thea’s approach is
- Compassionate
- Contemporary – drawing on the latest science
- Suitably Irreverent
- Designed to take the hard work out of health and put the pleasure back in.

Her clients say she is
- Professional
- Entertaining
- Natural
- and Inspiring

Thea has twenty years experience in the health sector, which has seen her specialise in the areas of nutrition, body image, weight management, eating behaviour, workplace health, and health journalism.  See About Thea.

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It feels great – physically and mentally, to master healthy habits.

With support it is possible.

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“We are what we repeatedly do.” Aristotle



Thea believes that creating and sustaining wellbeing requires a culture shift that recognises slowing down, stopping and resting as an intelligent and socially acceptable practice. 

As the Founder of NapNow,  she is working towards establishing a critical mass of nappers to help normalise the powernap in our work culture, for the sake of personal, professional and community sustainability.

If you are interested in staying in touch with the latest science and practice of the powernap, and ways to get involved visit NapNow, Work Smarter, Live Brighter.







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