Feeling challenged by the symptoms of menopause, especially in relation to your current professional role and/or workplace culture?

Ready to examine where you can make some empowered choices in relation to your personal and professional wellbeing?

October 25th - November 29th, 2018 Weekly each Thursday, 7 -8 pm 

Feel more confident and connected as you work your way through menopause

the change is a 6 week pilot that creates a confidential, respectful space that connects professional working women who are going through menopause, empowering them to regain control of their well-being so they can function more effectively and feel more confident at work.

It can be really unsettling when you experience some of the common menopausal symptoms, such as insomnia, heavy bleeding, hot flushes or brain fog, when you are at work. You may feel you can’t talk about what is really going on lest you make others feel uncomfortable, or you are perceived as not being up for the job. Unfortunately, the isolation created by the fear of naming menopause, just adds to the stress you already might be experiencing.

What’s more it deprives you of the NUMBER ONE Determinant of wellbeing: Supportive Relationships.

the change is designed to give you back this potent source of wellbeing by building your Foundation of Support in three dimensions:

  • Social Support

    The social support you gain from other women going through a similar experience to you, will normalise the experience and offer great relief.

  • Supportive Mindset

    The supportive mindset that you consciously create for yourself will help you see menopause in a more empowering light and help inoculate you against negative cultural stereotypes of older women

  • Supportive Practices

    The supportive practices that you learn and prioritise will help you maintain your ability to work well

So what is The Change?

  • Small group interactive learning program

    A 6 week interactive learning program for 10 to 15 women

  • Connect with other professionals

    Drawing together women from different workplaces

  • A place to talk

    Creating a space where women can talk about menopause in a real and respectful way, adopt an empowering understanding of this life-stage while learning about the wellbeing practices that can best protect women’s effectiveness at work

Is this opportunity for you?

  • Feeling challenged by the symptoms of menopause, no matter how mild

    especially in relation to your current professional role and/or workplace culture?

  • Ready to make some empowered choices,

    in relation to your personal and professional wellbeing?

  • Keen to contribute to better understanding women's needs?

    Your feedback as a pilot participant will be invaluable for the women who come after you 

Please be aware the change is designed to complement, not replace, treatment by a medical or allied health professional

Features of The Change:

  • Confidential

    All participants must agree to confidentially before entering the program to help create an environment where women feel safe to talk frankly.

  • Moderated

    I will be presenting and facilitating each session to encourage self-reflective learning, while helping to keep the space free from advice giving and inadvertent self put-downs.

  • Natural Wisdom

    As women from different workplaces pool their existing personal and professional experience, the wiser we all become.

  • Quality Information

    As a health journalist and qualified health professional, I love finding the best information I can on a topic from around the world, by interviewing national and international experts. With menopause my current focus, I’ll be channeling the best of what I discover, into the change.

  • Action Learning

    Carefully selected material is presented each week to support each week’s theme, then the real learning takes place between sessions when participants apply key concepts to their daily life and return with lessons learnt, ready to share.

  • Inter-generational

    We will hear from female elders - professional working women who have completed menopause. As guest speakers on the change they will share their experience, offer a retrospective view of this transition and answer your questions.

Here's what you get:

  • Weekly interactive 1 hr webinar

    For 6 weeks. Recordings available.

  • Access to a private FaceBook group

    where you connect with other participants

  • Unlimited email support

    from me, Thea O’Connor, Wellbeing & Productivity Advisor & Coach

  • Access to a clearing house of quality resources.

    for unlimited use after the program

  • Guest presentations

    from females elders who've been there

Screenshot 2018-09-28 14.09.16

"Menopause has so many negative connotations which is a great pity. It ushers us into a whole other phase of life and this deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated not hidden and reviled."

Cynthia Hickman, Guest Elder

Soul Psychologist

"Rather than an ending to be managed, menopause is a rite of passage ushering us into the wisdom, creativity and power of all that we have lived and experienced. When we welcome this life cycle and choose to see ourselves as a valuable resource for humanity, others might see the same"

Jean Gamble

Psycotherapist, Relationship Counsellor

The Program:

  • Week 1:

    Mindset Matters. Examining our beliefs and refreshing our take on menopause

  • Week 2:

    Body: Caring for a Changing Body. Sustaining your energy.

  • Week 3:

    Mind: Staying sharp mentally. Managing your workload & work expectations.

  • Week 4:

    Soul: What matters most for the next life stage? What needs to change?

  • Week 5:

    Working Through Menopause: From embarrassing moments to constructive conversations. What ‘reasonable adjustments’ can you make or ask for?

  • Week 6:

    Supporting yourself: Building your council of elders. Distilling learnings.

Limited places available in this pilot program, enrol now to save your place

Early Bird Bonus

Enrol before October 11th and you can book in for a 1.25 hr individual wellbeing and productivity coaching session to help you explore your current experience more deeply, focus on the most significant way to support yourself during menopause, and translate that into a highly specific action plan.

When I move forward with the full comprehensive program next year and open it up to the general public, the cost will be more like $480.

The cost of this small group pilot, is just $180, that’s about the cost of a coaching session alone.

It’s a limited offer as I won’t be offering this pilot again. And to make sure everyone gets enough time/attention I’m limiting the group to 10 – 15 women.

About Thea O'Connor

Why do I care about the issue?

You can read here, how The Change came to be.

I offer The Change as a someone whose ‘thing’ is to work at the edges of mainstream thinking to bring about social change for the sake of our wellbeing.

  • As a former Director of Body Image and Health Inc, I worked to help reshape our cultural body ideals, for the sake of women’s physical and mental health.
  • As a Naptivist, I work to normalise the powernap in our non-stop culture for the sake of our personal sustainability.
  • As a workplace wellbeing advisor, I focus on re-humanising our work ethic so that it’s built around human biological rhythms rather than around machines, so more workers feel valued.

As the creator of The Change I will be working alongside you to help shift any social stigma we may have internalised about menopause, so we can adopt the inner attitudes and outer practices that will help us live this life stage with zest, or at least with greater acceptance and self-compassion. (By the way, body image and power naps are highly relevant to menopause!)

I have 12 years previous experience as a dietitian (specialising in body image, eating behaviour and weight management) , another 15 years’ experience in workplace wellbeing, plus training in both Health Coaching (Health Change Australia) and in Organisational and Executive Coaching (Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership).

N.B. I am not an expert in the medical aspects of menopause and I expect you will consult your doctor as needed.

Maybe you are thinking...

I don’t want a whinge fest, that’ll make me feel worse.

Agreed. While The Change does invite participants to share how things really are, it also invites us to explore what choices we have available to support ourselves.

Research into the social determinants of health tells us that taking control of our situation, in whatever small way we can – whether that’s a shift in attitude or how we care for our bodies, is a powerful wellbeing booster.

I don’t like support groups

While participants will definitely benefit from the social support that comes from shared experience The Change is not a support group nor is it therapy -it is an adult learning program.

I don’t want other women telling me what to do

Neither do I! We have strict agreements about avoiding advice giving which I will uphold.

It won’t improve my symptoms - I have tried everything

The Change does not claim to alter your symptoms – see your doctor and health practitioners about that. However the wellbeing, lifestyle and workplace practices and habits we cover, may help. I am confident , however, that you will feel better simply from being with other women going through a similar experience to you. That sense of - I’m not the only one! - offers great relief and research shows, has the power to heal.

It won’t change my workplace, and that’s the real problem

And the end of the pilot you will feel more empowered to have conversations about menopause at work, if you choose to. I can supply you with excellent research summaries, examples of workplace policies, even a coaching session to help you present your case. The full program, to be offered next year, will go into sowing the seeds of workplace change in more detail. This pilot helps get you into the right frame of mind first.

Ask away I'm here to help...

Send me an email through my contact page here or give me a call now on 0412 190 860. If you know anything about me at all, you’ll know I am not into pushy sales. But I am into making sure you know everything you need so you can make an informed choice and feel good about it.


You don’t have to keep hiding this natural cycle of life that half of humanity experiences!

The Change offers a safe way for working women to start (re) claiming their whole selves.

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