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What is Body Intelligence?

You’ve heard of IQ, EQ and possibly SQ (spiritual intelligence).  Well underpinning all of those intelligences is body intelligence (BQ).

The body is the fundamental foundation of our lives and when health suffers, every aspect of our life is affected.

Body intelligence involves the ability to connect with our body’s sensations or cues, listen to them and respond in a way that enhances our overall function and quality of life.

The problem is, our collective body intelligence is dangerously low. Take a look at the work style of most professional services organisations, and you will typically see employees ‘take leave of their senses’ and:

  • Sit all day at a screen: while we know that sedentary lifestyles are a killer.
  • Refuel on artificial energy (ie sugar and caffeine): which only serves to undermine our inherent vitality longer term
  • Fail to take short breaks through the day, which increases error rates and decreases quality of work,
  • Disrupt their circadian rhythms through excessive exposure to artificial light, especially at night-time.

With Thea you will learn the skills of body intelligence so you can work in tune with the body’s internal operating system, which results in more energy, a sharper brain and better mood.


Body Intelligence Quiz

Listen to your Body when it's talking to you,

rather than wait until it yells and screams

It's smarter than you think.

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