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Body Intelligence

Improve your workplace effectiveness & quality of life through body intelligence and better health

Smart people can do dumb things when it comes to their bodies!

When working hard to get ahead in our careers, we can easily fall into treating the body with all its needs, as a hindrance to our professional success, rather than giving it the respect and care it deserves. 

This common pattern is due to a deficiency in BQ -body intelligence – which enables you to get more out of your day by working in tune with the design of your body. 

I’d like to help you become more aware of your relationship with your body. That’s why I’ve developed this self-assessment tool – to prompt you to reflect on how well you listen to, and respond to, the highly intelligent system that is your body. 

The more we are able to live and work in tune with our bodies, the greater our chances of better health, self-awareness, emotional regulation and even better decision making. That’s why I sayBody Intelligence is the foundation of all other intelligences. 

So let’s get into it! 

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