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Listening to your body is one of the most powerful and fundamental skills of Body Intelligence.  It helps you live each day in balance, while also preventing the development of longer health problems. 

But what does it really mean?  And how can you start listening  to your body well before it starts yelling and screaming at you? 

A great way to cultivate awareness of internal signals from our body, also known as our ‘interoceptive awareness,’  is to start with the really small stuff, every day.  Here you will find 10 ways you can practise your listening to your body.

Just a few suggestions before you get started:


  • Develop a simple daily ritual that grounds you in your body and gives you a moment to check in.  You could, for example, take a moment on waking, then again at lunch time, and/ or at night time to do a simple Body Scan.

            If you need some guidance, here’s a 5 minute Body Scan audio file you                     can listen to anytime.

  • Be careful not to minimise the importance of any body sensations you notice – just because they might be small or minor, that doesn’t mean they don’t warrant attention and response.  Remember, every RSI injury starts out as a small niggle.
  • Bring an attitude of curiosity to what your body is communicating.  If you do recognise an uncomfortable sensation (eg racing heart or stiff neck) try not to judge it as ‘bad’.  Instead regard it as really valuable information that you can respond to.
  • Select just one body signal that you don’t normally pay much attention to, and practise responding sooner, rather than later. Feeling thirsty? Drink water now. Energy slumping? Take a short walk.  Feel a little stiff? Adjust your posture.

Here it is: 10 ways to listen to your body

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