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Here I focus on translating the science into practical strategies that can enhance your health, wellbeing and workplace effectiveness.  So dive on in and enjoy by clicking the images below.

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Be a Small Winner rather than the Biggest Loser

So, you’ve recently set yourself a goal to embrace a healthier lifestyle or more effective work habit. I’d like to share with you one important strategy that will truly increase your chances of achieving that goal over the next few weeks and months. It involves surrendering the big spectacular health goal and embracing humble beginnings.…

Are you getting enough winter sun?

Regulating our exposure to natural and artificial light is one of the modern health skills we need to live well in a largely indoor world. On the one hand we have ‘light pollution’ that results from too much artificial light at night, and on the other, not getting enough sunlight can also cause problems. Research…

Lie Down and Get Creative

In all the self-development seminars I’ve attended over the years, no one has ever recommended that I go and take a lie down to create the life I want. But changing your posture from vertical to horizontal may well be the best way to get ahead, since we’re smarter and more creative lying down than…
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