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Cognition During Menopause

At the age of 52 I started to experience changes to the way my brain worked, especially in relation to word finding, short term memory and focus. It was very unsettling and at times, alarming. I didn’t realise that these changes were common during the menopause transition and could be considered normal.  I had no…

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Accommodating Women’s Cycles at Work

While women’s monthly cycle is key to the survival of the human species, it’s anexperience that is often shrouded by silence and shame. We can do better andworkplaces can help lead the way. Copyright Thea O’Connor Over the last few years year, the words ‘menopause’ and ‘menstruation’ have started to beuttered in workplaces – often…

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Menopausal and more productive than ever

This Podcast is By Hilary Harper on Life Matters, ABC Radio National PMS, pregnancy, endometriosis there are so many women’s health issues that are no longer considered taboo. So why is menopause still talked about in “hushed tones”? Researchers argue this stigma is stopping women from being able to fully immerse themselves in their work,…

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The Business Case for becoming menopause friendly and what leaders can do

This Podcast was released as part of the Parents & Carers Network This series brings a spotlight to leading employers, policy makers and industry experts working to improve the lives of parents and carers by creating family friendly workplaces. Emma Walsh – founder of world leading provider of education and coaching services for workplaces Parents…

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Stop the silent career killer, managing menopause at work

This podcast was produced by ABC Radio National as part of the This Working Life program Whether you are male or female, if you work with a woman over 40, menopause matters to you. And if you are a woman over 40 understanding what’s happening to your mind and body during “the change” is absolutely…

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Why it’s time to talk about menopause at work

This article was first published in In The Black magazine, October, 2021. It features Australian workplaces that are becoming menopause-friendly. Written by Susan Muldowney When Kim Lion began to experience symptoms of menopause in her late 40s, she did what very few women in the workforce would even consider doing – she told her…

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