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"I look forward to working alongside you to help shift any social stigma we may have internalised about menopause, and to help your midlife female employees fulfil their career potential and thrive."

Meet Thea O'Connor

Drawing on her own research, which to date has involved 50 confidential one-to-one interviews with working women transitioning through menopause, Thea has shaped her workplace services in this space to be a direct response to what women say they want when it comes to workplace support.

When designing workplace interventions and services, she draws on the principles of best practice in workplace health promotion as well as 30 years of experience in health promotion including in the fields of nutrition (as a dietitian), body image, sleep science and workplace health.

Thea has a natural ease and professionalism when talking about taboo topics in the workplace. In fact it seems to be Thea’s ‘thing’ to work at the edges of mainstream thinking to bring about a culture shift for the sake of our wellbeing.

  • As a former director of Image & Health Inc, Thea challenged our cultural body ideals and helped to change public health messages about weight management to prevent stigmatisation of larger people, well before diversity and inclusion was 'a thing'.
  • As a Naptavist she works to normalise the power nap in our non-stop culture to protect our personal sustainability.
  • As a Workplace wellbeing advisor, she helps leaders and teams to create healthy team norms, by increasing their body intelligence.

Thea maintains an active network with health professionals academics, and workplace practitioners, in Australia and internationally to help ensure she and her clients stay right up to date.

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Thea has 'attained menopause', is the mother of a teenage daughter and a TEDx speaker on the topic of Menopause in the Workplace (Canberra, October, 2022). 

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