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Empowering women with quality information about what is happening in their bodies is an easy while extremely supportive  thing workplaces can do for their staff.

What do we offer?

Explore our range of face to face, online and on-demand menopause education & training.

Menopause Webinars & Workshops

We offer a range of short seminars and workshops designed to raise awareness and educate your staff about menopause as it relates to work.  Delivered face to face or online, our seminars can be customised to suit the needs and scale of your organisation.

Menopause Training for Workplace Managers

This training equips workplace managers and supervisors with the knowledge, confidence and tools to support female employees through the menopausal transition, should women wish this, in order to help women maintain their health and remain successful in their roles.

Leadership Training

The Menopause Masterclass, which can be incorporated into Leadership Development programs, equips women with strategies to take care of their health, workplace performance and career progression, during the menopause transition. Menopause Savvy Leaders helps build leaders' wellbeing capability in relation to women's health.

The Orca Effect

Once an orca whale has gone through menopause, what position does she take in her pod? She takes the lead. This 7 week confidential program helps women navigate menopause so they can maintain their confidence and wellbeing and emerge from the transition, embracing their authority.

1-1 Coaching

Feeling challenged by the symptoms of menopause, especially in relation to your current professional role and/or workplace culture? Let me help you navigate this life stage with dignity, confidence and true self-care.
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