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Feeling challenged by the symptoms of menopause, especially in relation to your current professional role and/or workplace culture?

Are you feeling flat in midlife and notice that what used to motivate you, no longer feels so meaningful?

Ready to examine where you can make some empowered choices in relation to your personal wellbeing and your career?

Let me help you navigate this life stage with dignity, confidence and true self-care.

It can be really unsettling when you experience some of the common menopausal symptoms, such as insomnia, heavy bleeding, hot flushes or brain fog, when you are at work.

You may feel you can’t talk about what is really going on lest you make others feel uncomfortable, or you are perceived as not being up for the job. This leads some women to try and hide the symptoms and just ‘push on.’ However the stress of trying to suppress what is happening in your body increases stress levels which only makes the symptoms worse!

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There is a much better way of navigating this life stage..

Which is to embrace the opportunity that menopause presents.

This involves deepening your sense of authority and making the changes you’ve probably needed to make for a while now.

It’s not called “The Change” for nothing!


Individualised coaching will help you:

Understand the meaning and opportunity that this life passage offers.

Cultivate a supportive mindset that will help you see menopause in a more empowering light and inoculate you against negative cultural stereotypes.

Develop supportive practices that help you manage your symptoms and improve health as well as your ability to work well.

Position yourself for a powerful ‘third act.’

Interested in 1-1 coaching with me?

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