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We offer a range of short seminars and workshops designed to raise awareness and educate your staff about menopause as it relates to work.  Delivered face to face or online, our seminars can be customised to suit the needs and scale of your organisation.

What Seminars Do We Offer?

Browse some of our core seminar topics below or contact us today to customise to suit your needs

Online Or Face To Face Seminar - 1 Hour

Why talk about menopause at work?

In this seminar we cover:

  • What is menopause?
  • Why talk about it at work?
  • How does menopause affect work and vice versa?
  • Women's lived experience, and what the research says women say they want, and don't want, when it comes to workplace support. 
  • Tips for having respectful workplace conversations. 

Resources are provided for those who want to take the next step in their organisations. 

Online Or Face To Face Seminar - 1 Hour

Mental Health & Menopause – what women need to know

Almost two thirds of women experience changes in mood and cognition during the menopause transition and one in three women experience severe psychological symptoms. However women haven’t been educated about these menopausal symptoms so when they experience them, many worry they are losing their edge or showing signs of dementia.

This seminar educates women about what's going on in their brains during the menopausal transition so they know how to help themselves or get the best treatment possible.

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Online Or Face To Face Seminar - 1 Hour

How to Navigate your Career through Menopause

Most women don’t know what to expect of menopause, so can be blind-sighted by the symptoms when they occur, with professional confidence often taking a hit. In the absence of workplace support, in the range of 25 - 45 per cent of women consider taking a break or quitting during this life stage.  It doesn’t have to be this way. This webinar offers women education and foresight into what the transition can involve, how to prepare psychologically, and suggests some simple, smart moves that can help protect one's career long term.    

Online Or Face To Face Seminar - 1 Hour

Menstrual Wellbeing for Women at Work

Supporting women to develop a positive regard for their menstrual cycle is a fundamental aspect of women's health.

This seminar addresses how women can care for their cyclic self-care needs, including while at work, and how workplaces can adopt greater ‘menstrual flexibility’. It also covers the benefits of addressing menstruation in the workplace, by featuring workplace case studies.


Jane Bennett, menstrual educator, co-author of About Bloody Time- the menstrual revolution we had to have, and Founder of the Chalice Foundation, a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to menstrual wellbeing.

Online Or Face To Face Seminar - 1.5 Hours

Self-Care for Working Women Workshop

This interactive, evidence based seminar provides quality information about what working women can do to support themselves, their health and their workplace performance when challenged by the symptoms of menopause.

About two thirds of working women say the symptoms have a negative impact on their work.  Fatigue, trouble concentrating, hot flushes, insomnia and mood changes are some of the top culprits.

Learn how to work with these symptoms, rather than be blindsighted by them.

Accompanied by E booklet for women.

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