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What a wonderful training program this has been, informative, timeframe friendly with our busy schedules and engaging. I am now more confident to start awareness in my workplace to better support my team.

This has been a great course that's led to discussion on Menopause at work, which is now filtering through to a number of teams already. Thank you for the excellent resources and the course, it was very well structured. I really achieved my goals to start the conversation and help staff.

A very valuable training program. I now have the awareness and strategies to confidently start a conversation with my team. The training provided sufficient time to reflect and process information, in particular the short concise lessons provided easy to digest information and made it easier to complete modules at my own pace and kept the training engaging.

Participant of Menopause@Work training

Is it time to address menopause in your workplace?

Do you think it’s time to address menopause in your workplace, but you aren’t sure how to protect women’s privacy, and avoid feeding gendered ageism, in the process?

Are you interested to learn more about this significant life passage, the benefits it offers and how workplaces can support the transition?

Do you already know that becoming menopause-friendly will strengthen your gender equality and inclusion ethos, and you just want to get started?

Join this Ground Breaking Program

It's time to end the silence about this natural life-stage that 50% of humanity experiences.

This blended E-learning program equips workplace managers and supervisors with the knowledge, confidence and tools to support female employees through the menopausal transition, should women wish this, in order to help women maintain their health and remain successful in their roles.

Endorsed Dr Kelly Teagle, GP specialising in menopause and Founder of Wellfemme 

Who is this training suitable for?

  • Men and women

  • Workplace managers and supervisors

  • HR professionals

  • WH&S representatives

  • People in charge of leadership development for women in the workplace, gender equity or diversity and inclusion, people and culture.

What you'll gain:

  • Understand what menopause is

    Understand what menopause is, the range of ways it affects women and the reasonable workplace adjustments that can be made to support women.

  • Gain Confidence

    Feel more confident and skilled in having a comfortable and constructive workplace conversation that will support women’s effectiveness at work and personal wellbeing.

  • Be clear about the responsibilities

    Be clear about the responsibilities of the workplace, of managers and of employees.

  • Be more alert

    Be more alert to cultural stereotypes that have stigmatized this natural stage in the life cycle.

You’ll discover that a menopause friendly workplace is actually good for everyone as some of the top issues that menopausal working women struggle with, such as fatigue, mental health symptoms or insomnia, will also affect a significant proportion of your workforce.

This training fits well within existing frameworks for promoting mental health in the workplace as well as diversity and inclusion and female leadership development programs.

Registrations - get in touch for date of next public program

Why is menopause a workplace issue?

  • Demographic

    Women aged 45 years and over comprise 17% of the Australian workforce.  Also, the participation rate of women aged 55-64 is steadily growing.

  • Social Responsibility

    Breaking the workplace silence on this natural life stage that all women experience, is a humane thing to do.

  • Legal

    To help ensure that your organisation is offering its staff a safe,  healthy and discrimination-free workplace.

  • Business

    Improved productivity and staff retention.  Research shows that women who have a supportive relationship with their supervisors, experience fewer symptoms. Menopause -friendly organisations also report brand enhancement, validating their stated commitment to gender equity or diversity and inclusion.

Registrations - get in touch for date of next program

The Training is informed by:

  • La Trobe and Monash University’s research conducted over the last six years, into the needs of working women transitioning through menopause,
  • Thea’s own qualitative research, involving 1-1 interviews with 30 Australian women, conducted last year, and
  • A UK study that evaluated an online menopause training for almost 100 managers, which resulted in increased awareness, knowledge and confidence in talking about menopause. Maturitas 120 (2019) 83–89.

As a program participant:

  • You will be contacted by Thea before the program to identify your key needs.
  • You’ll get one-to-one help via email or phone for any questions or issues you need help with.
  • Know that you are playing a really valuable role in helping us better cater to the needs of midlife working women.

Here is what you get:

  • Professional Resources

    Each module entails a short video ( 5 – 10 min max), downloadable pdf fact sheet, quizzes to reinforce learnings and a takeaway exercise to translate learning into action.

  • Live webinars

    2 x live webinars for questions, trouble shooting and to share group wisdom.

  • Unlimited support

    Unlimited support from Thea during the pilot via phone or email.

  • Peer support

    A private online forum will allow you to meet other workplace practitioners and tap into their experience.

  • Feedback and Follow up

    Personalised feedback on your assignment and a follow up one month later to check how the topic has been received in your workplace.

  • 6 months access to all program materials

    After completion of the 4 week course, you will be able to access the materials for another 6 months. 

In addition, you will takeaway these resources for ongoing use:


  • An E-Book on Self-care for Working Women, outlining practical ways women can support themselves and their work effectiveness. This booklet can be used by managers to provide ideas, and also offered to individual employees as well.


  • An excellent suite of open source templates for the workplace, developed by Monash University. These includes topics such as : Gauging if your workplace is menopause friendly, ideas for reasonable adjustments and a conversation tool for managers and employees.


  • A curated library of personal stories from women working through menopause, so you better understand the lived experience.

The Program: Blended E-learning option

  • On Registration

    Welcome interview with Thea to clarify learning needs.

  • Preparation

    Thinking about where the menopausal transition could be embedded into existing policies.

  • Wk 1 – 2 Complete first 4 modules online at own pace


    1. The Wisdom of life’s cycles and the benefits of honouring them.

    2. Is menopause really a workplace issue?  The business case and how to address resistance or concern from colleagues.

    3. Menopause Basics: what is menopause, what are the symptoms and how do they affect work? We cover the upside as well as the downsides.

    4. What women say they want in the workplace context.

  • End of Wk 2

    LIVE WEBINAR:  Q&A, trouble shooting, sharing learnings

  • Wk 3 – 4 Complete next 5 online modules at own pace

    5. Stigma makes you sick(er) - exposing the gendered ageism that can create stigma around menopause.

    6. Preparing for a workplace conversation.

    7. What are some reasonable adjustments that can be made for menopause?

    8. A comfortable conversation – what does it sound like?

  • End of Wk 4 Wrap up

    9. Review of Guiding Principles and where to from here?                            LIVE WEBINAR:  Q&A, trouble shooting, sharing learnings

Program Price

$400 + GST (discounts availabe for > 50 people)

Includes access to program resources for another 6 months  plus 1-1 contact with Thea between webinars as needed.

A face-to-face version, as well as a completely self-paced learning package (without live support) is available. Enquire for pricing.






Keen to sign up?

Go to the registration section below, or give me a call now on 0412 190 860 and I can enrol you.

Or maybe you have more questions?

Call or email me now. (

Meanwhile, here are some resources to help you start thinking about why we need to make menopause a normal workplace conversation, and how you can do this

They are FREE. Just click on the download button below each resource.

Mature aged man and womn at work shutterstock_369430667

How to talk to your boss

The case for becoming a menopause friendly workplace

Older & younger woman at work

Reducing Stigma

Reducing stigma associated with menopause and starting workplace conversations.

Woman looking at calender, Shutterstock-web

Lived Experiences

Working Women’s Voices. A report summarising themes emerging from 1-1 interviews with Australian women transitioning through menopause at work.

About Thea O'Connor

Why do I care about the issue?

I am 55, mother of a 13 year old, and am transitioning through menopause myself.  You can read here, how I first became interested in women's experience of transitioning through menopause in the workplace. 

I offer this training as a someone whose ‘thing’ is to work at the edges of mainstream thinking to bring about social change for the sake of our wellbeing.

  • As a former Director of Body Image and Health Inc, I worked to help reshape our cultural body ideals, for the sake of women’s physical and mental health.
  • As a Naptivist, I work to normalise the powernap in our non-stop culture for the sake of our personal sustainability.
  • As a workplace wellbeing advisor, I focus on re-humanising our work ethic so that it’s built around human biological rhythms rather than around machines, so more workers feel valued.

During the training I will be working alongside you to help make talking about menopause at work as normal as talking about maternity leave, or any other health condition.  I'm really looking forward to sharing what I have learnt from the UK, where great work is being done in this space, and to tapping into the expertise that will exist within the participants of the pilot as well.

I have 12 years previous experience as a dietitian (specialising in body image, eating behaviour and weight management) , another 15 years’ experience in workplace wellbeing, plus training in both Health Coaching (Health Change Australia) and in Organisational and Executive Coaching (Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership).

N.B. I am not an expert in the medical aspects of menopause and I expect you will consult your doctor as needed.

Enrol Here

  • Step 1

    Fill out the enrolment form here.

  • Step 2

    We'll send you an invoice within 24 hours for $400 pp + GST, (or $375 for early bird fee, or discounted rate for more than 50 people.)  

    To secure payment in the program you will need to pay within 14 days. 

  • Step 3

    Check your inbox for a welcome email with everything you need to know about the program.  (Make sure you whitelist our email address to make sure future correspondence doesn't get lost in your spam folder.)  

    Take a moment to complete the on-boarding survey. 

    You can expect a call from Thea for your pre-program interview.  

  • Step 4

    Mark the program dates in your calendar.

  • How many attendees are you looking to register?
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