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Resources for working at home

Stay Healthy, Stay Productive

There is  a lot of information out there right now about remote working, and doing so through the COVID-19 pandemic.  I don't want to add to your information overload, so I have selected a handful of my favourites.



Body, Mind, Soul - taking care of ourselves during challenging times. (15 min)  View here. 

Three wellness experts discuss how to take care of ourselves and others during the challenging times presented by COVID-19. Workplace Wellbeing Advisor, Thea O'Connor, discusses body intelligence. CEO of  Neurocapability Linda Ray, discusses brain (or mind) intelligence. And Counselling Psychologist, Cynthia Hickman, discusses emotional (or heart/soul) intelligence.


A guide to working from home. 


Leading for Wellbeing

These excellent guides look at risks to worker wellbeing that the COVID-19 atmosphere has created, along with practical tips and opportunities for leaders to demonstrate positive action. Creators of the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey take us through a series of guides demonstrating how leaders can lead wellbeing through Authentic Relationships and finding Meaning, Purpose and Direction, Resilience and Equanimity, Balance and Boundaries.   Sign up here. 


Adaptive Mentoring - Discussion between Melissa Richardson, CEO of Art of Mentoring, and Thea O'Connor, workplace wellbeing advisor, about how mentoring can help people adapt to our new reality, and the wellness strategies that can help at each stage of change: Endings, The Neutral Zone, New Beginnings.  Listen here. 



Give yourself a weekly mental health check. Black Dog Institute.  Read here. 

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