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Healthy Workplace Engagement

Personal Sustainability for Leaders and Teams

Enhance your professional capabilities through better health


Thea can work with you and your team to establish the habits, practices and group norms that will allow you to:

sustain your energy, think clearly, focus on priorities, communicate effectively and set a positive tone in your team.

It is very difficult, if not impossible to sustain a high demand role without your health.

Yet the typical default working style of most white collar organisations is at complete odds with the design of our bodies – we sit for hours a day at a screen, skimp on lunch, don’t take regular breaks, run on adrenaline and caffeine, while disrupting our circadian rhythms through excessive exposure to artificial light at night.

In other words, we typically work in direct opposition to the tenets of high performance, at a time when we need our vitality more than ever before.

Many leaders and employees are aware of this conflict, but feel unable to change the way they work and organise their days. Entrenched habits and workplace norms exert a powerful influence over our behaviour, especially when stress levels are high.

Thea’s workplace training combines the hard science of habit change with insights into culture-change, to enable you to:

  • adopt healthy and effective work habits
  • create workplace norms that reward self-care on the job

Adopt the healthy habits, practices and group norms that will allow you to sustain your energy, think clearly, focus on priorities, communicate effectively and set a positive tone in your team.

Personal Sustainability Strategy

Thea will sit down with you to clarify the outcomes you’d like to achieve for your people, then create a tailored workplace healthy engagement program for you, drawing on the components described below.

This can be a stand-alone, or integrated into your existing development programs.

Programs can be specifically tailored for leaders.


Online assessment of work & lifestyle habits and attitudes. This helps shape the emphasis of the training seminar and serves as a baseline for evaluation.


Masterclass: Managing Energy and Attention in the Digital Age. A one-day, or 2 x half day interactive learning seminar. Or you can select your own topic . Using adult learning principles.


Individual health and productivity coaching for leaders & teams. This allows participants to apply what they have learnt in their day-to-day work; learning by doing and reflecting. Recommend 3 sessions initially, then 1- 2 follow up sessions at around the 3-month mark. Experiential learning.


Naming and Reshaping Norms. A facilitated process for teams that explores and names the spoken and unspoken norms governing your work style. Then you have the opportunity to co-create supportive norms that give people a sense of permission to practice self-care are on the job.


Team Challenges. These can focus on simple behaviours like stopping for lunch, taking a mid-afternoon 10 minute ‘renewable energy break’, or managing meetings more effectively. Group support makes all the difference when it comes to changing workplace norms. Easily incorporated into existing wellbeing program. Social Learning.


Semi-interactive group webinars to support longer term change:

  • Re-Focus Webinar: Re-educates participants about the science of changing habits, and provides an opportunity to refresh action plans with practical, evidence-based strategies. An ideal top up at the 4 to 6-month mark to support long-term behaviour change.
  • Re-Shape Webinar: Supports leaders who want to create healthy workplace norms that give staff permission to exercise self-care on the job.

This suite of strategies is offered, based on the knowledge that most learning happens after the formal learning event, through trial and error application in real life situations and through social learning such as networking, collaboration and team activities.

Happy Clients

I thrive on encouraging people to develop the inner attitudes, daily practices, and group norms that will allow them to live and work with zest.

"Amazing! Very practical and informative. Great mix of reminders and check-ins as well as good scientific stats and peer reviewed research to back it up. It’s refreshing to realise I’m not alone and that there are simple changes I can make to improve things over time."

Participant, Women in Leadership Development Program, Sydney.

"Thea is fantastic. So knowledgeable, engaging and practical. I hope from attending people realize the importance of self-care – I do. This is one of the best workshops I have done.

Participants, In-house Leadership Development Program, North Coast TAFE.

" Practical. Awakening. Encouraging."

 Lawyer, Law Society NSW.

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